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Colour Sound Therapy specializing in Tuning Forks

This Healing Modality combines the use of tuning forks (sound) with Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy

• Tuning forks are used to correct imbalances, uncover emotions, stimulate growth, and to aid in development and transformation. Tuning Fork therapy facilitates inner harmony and wholeness.
• Spectro-Chrome Therapy has been developed from Dr. Edwin Babbitt (1800’s) and Darius Dinshah (1920s) and is a healing modality on its own or combined with Reiki or Tuning Fork Therapy.
• Spectro-Chrome includes the use of Colour Therapy Gels with a lamp.
• Colour Course includes a manual, charts, one set of Spectro-Chrome Colour Therapy Gels, DVD, and “Let There Be Light” book from the Dinshah Health Society.
• Colour and Sound are Energy tools to align and shift your vibrational frequency to a healthier balance for YOU!
• Also included is information on how to access the tools needed to support this modality.
• You will receive a Certificate that you are a Colour/Sound Vibrational Therapist.

Class Time is two full days to receive the Colour & Vibrational Therapist Designation. $333 (You may take the Colour without Tuning Fork instruction for one day only at $250-receive the training but not the designation).

To become a Certified Colour and Vibrational Therapist & Certified Colour Therapy Educator requires successfully completing 5 modules of study (The Body of Colour, The Soul of Colour, The Spirit of Colour, Healing with Colour, Crystals & Vibration, The Colour Sound Therapy). Also required for this course completion are case studies, a colour project, colour thesis and other assignments.

Colour Therapy

• Early Egyptians used colour therapy.
• The medical community uses light therapy (phototherapy) to relieve jaundice (excess bilirubin levels) in newborns.
• Near Infra-red LED light therapy is used to help with joint pain, stimulates the cells to heal and shorten healing time.
• Use of SAD lamps to help with those affected by the lack of sunshine which has been linked to depression.
• Sunrise and sunset supply us with the healing benefits of the colors of the sunlight without the harmful rays from the mid-day sun. Sunlight contains all the colors!
• Colour therapy links light, sound and matter. Light, sound and matter are all forms of energy. Matter is energy and energy is vibration.
• By using colours of the spectrum we link the two concepts. We can change the body’s vibration to a frequency which promotes holistic harmony.
• When we absorb colour vibration it travels through us by means of the chakra system to the part of the body that needs attention. Therefore returning the body part, organ or gland to its perfect frequency.

Sound Therapy

• Toning; by verbally toning the ‘notes’ of our chakras we create a vibration that brings our body into harmony. We visualize, listen and verbally make the sounds relative to each chakra.
• Use of Tuning forks can also provide the vibration required for a healing ‘tuneup’.
• Listening to specific soundwaves while wearing headphones can promote brain balancing.
• Music-Notes are connected to colours and can stimulate your body to move or sedate and calm you.*

Loretta Mitchell is a Certified Colour Sound Vibrational Therapist (specializing in Tuning Forks) and Certified Colour Therapy Educator as prescribed by ColourEnergetics School of Vibrational Studies by Cathy Hughes

Colour of Foods

• Red Foods are stimulating
• Orange foods are decongesting
• Yellow foods are uplifting
• Yellow/Green foods are cleansing
• Green foods are balancing
• Turquoise foods are effective for skin healing
• Blue foods are soothing
• Indigo foods promote intuition
• Violet foods are calming
• Purple fruit relaxes
• Magenta foods balance the emotions
• Scarlet foods activate

The foods we eat all have a vibrational effect on the cells.
Eat a selection of rainbow foods for balance. Drink cranberry, tomato or beet juice to kick start your day with red vitality. Drink grapefruit juice or lemon water to stimulate your digestive system with yellow energy.*
*Colour Energy Corporation of Vancouver, BC

Colours and Clothing

Choose your clothing colours according to what you want to experience that day. Coloured socks and underwear are an easy way to absorb an energy that you avoid or due to fashion constraints. *
• Unconsciously choosing the “wrong” color may indicate that the body system wants to emphasize a concern to bring it to one’s attention.
• The body becomes warmer when dark colours are worn since most of the solar energy is absorbed by the clothing, thus increasing body temperature.
• White or light coloured clothing feels lighter and more uplifting because it permits light to pass through to the body.
• The constant wearing of black can actually wither and age the skin. How colour feels on the body also makes a difference to our skin.
• Black does not allow sufficient exchange of frequency and the energy gets trapped. When light rays are completely transmitted into and out of the body no change in temperature occurs. The exposure to too much light or heat frequencies will exhaust the body. The right colour vibration absorbed by the body can effect positive changes.
• Note: if you wear white or light coloured clothing at the first sign of a cold, a quicker healing response will be felt.
• Coloured clothing is more fun and it is healthier.
• The caution is to not wear too much of any one colour. And black only occasionally and with other colours.
• When working with others, especially in a therapeutic setting; blues, greens, violets are most preferred.
• Reds, oranges and yellows can be too stimulating in therapeutic settings and black and grey are never to be used in therapeutic spaces or in clothing.

Where Else and How Else Can you Add Colour to Your Life?

• Home
• Workspace
• Gemstones
• Essential Oils/Aromatherapy
• Herbs
• Colour Bath
• Solarized Water
• Breathing, Visualization


Discover  Spectochrome light therapy and tuning forks to bring your body back to balance.  All manuals, textbook, color gels, lamp,etc.  will be included in this price (except the tuning forks) so that you can begin using the therapy for yourself. You will learn how to use the tuning forks in this class.   Cost for this class is: $333.00