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Reiki First Degree Usui/Komyo Class

Reiki Level 1 at Serenity Yoga Studio in Lloydminster

Call 780-808-1700 to arrange a class.

Cost for a weekend class is $288

Email for more information. Classes can be arranged to accommodate a small group.


Colour & Sound Vibrational Therapy: Call to arrange a class!  Can now do live online classes.


Learn how Spectochrome light therapy and tuning forks can bring your body back to balance. Supplies needed are: a lamp & 40 watt (or less) incandescent lightbulb, colour gels/filters, “Let There Be Light” by Darius Dinshah textbook, tuning forks ($500 CDN), DVD( not essential), manual and charts (supplied by me).  The cost is variable on the supplies needed.  The cost for live online training and support is $155.     Spectochrome Light Therapy is a great healing modality on its own, combined with sound healing or with Reiki.

Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho and Komyo (Shoden/Level 1, Chuden/Level 2, Okuden/ MP, Shinpiden/MT) Weekend Retreat:

Arrange for a personal Reiki weekend. (Obtain your Reiki Level 1, 2, Master Practitioner or Master Teacher  training & certificate) with accommodations.  The cost for Level 1 is $333, Level 2 is $333, Master Practitioner is $444 and Master Teacher is $444.

Reiki First Degree/Shoden (Usui & Komyo) :  Call to arrange for a class (This class taught at Serenity Yoga Studio in Lloydminster)

History of Reiki/Lineage, Reiki Principles, Guidelines for hand placements, how to activate Reiki energy, self-treatment, chair treatment, full body treatment, Chakras, grounding, clearing, centering, meditation, learn about Canadian Reiki Association. Time required: 2 days Cost is $266.00

Reiki Second Degree:  Call to arrange for a class (This class taught at Serenity Yoga Studio in Lloydminster)

Learn to enhance the energy transfer, Reiki Symbols, (Power, mental/emotional, distance). Distant healing for individual, groups, and circumstances. Reiki exchange, meditation, C.R.A. membership and developing a Reiki business. (Proof of 1st degree Reiki Required) Time required: 2 days Cost is $266.00

Reiki Master Practitioner Level: Call for information on next class. *

Review the 1st and 2nd degree training. The Practitioner will learn the “The Master Symbol”. Learn to meditate, Third-Eye activation, Emphasis on daily Reiki Ryoho, Tools for use in Reiki, Crystals-how to use a Crystal Grid, Reiki Exchange Time required: 2 days, homework (reading and self-treatment record) (Proof of 1st and 2nd degree Reiki will be required)

Cost $444.00 with a $77 deposit.   Etransfer to

Reiki Master Teacher Level: Interested in becoming a certified Reiki Teacher from a CRA registered teacher? *

Reviewing the 1st, 2nd, and Master Practitioner Level. Meditation on opening and aligning the Chakras, Instruction on how to perform all Reiki attunements for all levels. Practice attunements. How to create professional manuals, conduct Reiki workshops, business marketing idea. Reiki shares and supporting your students and new teachers. Time required: 2 days, some homework. (Proof of 1st, 2nd, and MP status in the traditional Usui System will be required) Cost is $444.

Reiki for Kids (5-8), Older children (9-12) and Reiki for Teens (12-17) Cost for this class is $111. **

Time required: 4-6 hours I offer a class that is geared for younger children and a class for teens. I have experience with both age groups. Students learn a brief history of the Japanese origins of Reiki, Play with Energy, Discover the 7 Chakra System, Reiki Principles, How to activate the Reiki Energy, Meditation, Self-Reiki, How to give a Reiki treatment/hand positions. Each student receives 2 attunements. We can arrange a class for your child or teenager. *Young people are looking for a sense of direction that Reiki can help provide. Please consider the unique opportunity that you can offer to your child!

*These classes are offered at my acreage location.

**location for this class is flexible

Reiki Shares:

All Reiki Shares are held at Serenity Yoga Studio (Bay 14B, 1805-50 Ave. (next to the south side Fabutan). Welcome to all Reiki Practitioners (Level 1 & Up including all Reiki lineages). Suggested Donation: $10.00

Upcoming Reiki Shares:  March 15, 2024 from 1:00-4:00.  We will hold a Sound Healing Ceremony prior to our share.

C.E.U.’s given to those wishing to add Credits for C.R.A. Registered Practitioner status

Call for a session, ask what it means to be “coherent”  (Making the heart mind connection). With the use of the Inner Balance App and the Emwave Pro, scientific tools developed by the Heart Math Institute, you can measure your stress levels and learn how to “feel” your way to calm (coherence) . Ask for a demonstration.

Cost $77 (1 – 1/2 hrs) Reiki Session 

Cost $88 (1- 1 1/2 hrs) Crystal Reiki Session

Cost $88 (1- 1 1/2 hrs) Color/Sound Vibrational Therapy Session

Refer a Friend and receive $10 off your next session!

Finding Your Purpose coaching session ($88)

Classes & Treatment Locations

Serenity Yoga Studio

Classes and treatments are located at Serenity Yoga Studio (when they are not at my home or in a client’s locale) Serenity Yoga Studio. Hwy 17, South Lloydminster, AB Bay 14B 1804 – 50 Ave

physical • mental • emotional • spiritual

Call (780) 808-1700 or email: to book your appointment!