Feel Your Heart…Find Your Beat”

A bit about me, Loretta Mitchell: I am a certified Reiki Ryoho Usui and Komyo Master Practitioner & Teacher for these two styles of Reiki. I am a certified Colour and Vibrational Therapist/Educator through the ColourEnergetics® School of Vibrational Studies, specializing in the use of Tuning Forks. I have my Master of Metaphysics in “New Thought Therapy” through the University of Metaphysics (Sedona). I hold a Bachelor of Education, specializing in physical education (wellness) from the University of Alberta since 1977.

What I offer:

Change your Belief and Change Your Health: I facilitate the opportunity for a frequency shift using energy balancing techniques such as Reiki, SCH, Color, Crystals, Sound, etc.

  • Reiki Sessions**
  • Reiki Training
  • Monthly Reiki Sharing Circles (Hands On Practice for Reiki Level 1 & Up)
  • Colour/Sound Vibrational Therapy Session**
  • Tuning Forks to balance your energy, release pain and anxiety
  • Chakra Balancing (Using crystals, color, tuning forks)
  • Add Heart Facilitator
  • Metaphysical Classes

Can I Learn Reiki?

The Japanese word Rei-ki stands for the concept “universal life energy”. Reiki releases, activates and transforms energy.
Want to learn more about the styles of Reiki and other modalities?

Monthly Reiki Shares

All Reiki Shares are held at Serenity Yoga Studio. Welcome to all Reiki Practitioners & Students of Reiki (All Levels & Lineages).

Next Reiki Share:  September 29, 2023 at 1:00-3:30, at Serenity Yoga Studio




Colour & Sound Vibrational Therapy

The application of the correct colour  or sound will change the altered function of the body and help return it to its original healthy patterns.

Upcoming Events: I am excited to say that I am offering online Colour/Sound Vibrational classes!  Call me to find out more!




Please email Loretta6601@hotmail.com or call (780) 808-1700 to inquire about class availability and payment options. Thank you!

Classes & Treatment Locations

Serenity Yoga Studio

Classes and treatments are located at Serenity Yoga Studio (when they are not at my home or in a client’s locale) Serenity Yoga Studio. Hwy 17, South Lloydminster, AB Bay 14B 1804 – 50 Ave

physical • mental • emotional • spiritual

Call (780) 808-1700 or email Loretta6601@hotmail.com to book your appointment!